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Andrew Bell and Sam Brown at the Wax Poetic Gallery 2007

puchase artwork from the progress show at the Creatures in my Head store


Progress 1 though 8

these are the main images of the show, the images you see framed on the right wall in the first overview picture. Andrew and I worked back and forth for months to create them. Sorry about the glare, I have included a jpeg of the original image.

each print is 24x30 inches or 24x24 inches plus about 4 inches on each side for the mat and frame. these were all made as "one of a kind" prints, the print hanging in the frame is the only one.
we also made 15 sets of 13x19 inch prints based off these original images, and 15 5x5 inch boxed sets.

progress one

progress two

progress three

progress four

progress five

progress six

progress seven

progress eight


this is just one of the two Roboscopes, if i get pictures of the other one i will put them up

virus cluster drawings 5x7 inch

virus portraits 12x12inch

virus portrait 1

virus portrait 2

virus portrait 3

virus portrait 4

virus portrait 5

virus portrait 6

virus portrait 7

virus portrait 8

virus portrait 9

virus portrait 10


we made about 25 pills, check out the pill page to see them all


this is all the merchandise Andrew and I brought with us. Including two tshirts we made exclusively for the show.

puchase artwork from the progress show at the Creatures in my Head store

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