the moon monster story was originally the main story of the book wish for something better, which was published in 2001.

new moon monster extras


Glow in the Dark Moon Monster Shirt available at Topatoco

halloween costume

photos of halloween costumes

one of the reasons for the requests of the moon monster shirts was so that it could be used as an authentic halloween costume. in addition to the shirt you would need some masks and gloves, so i made some you can print out, cut out and use. or you could make your own.

if you do dress up as a moon monster, it would be very cool if you sent photos to me so i can post them.

moon monster files

you can download the moon monster story as layered photoshop files about 26mb
if you are just downloading to see what the layered files look like, please download just a single page. page 10, page 22, page 37

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