drawings by mail

In late 2006 I made an offer to do drawings for anyone who sent a self addressed stamped envelope with a title to me.

This offer was only open for about a week and I received 800-1000 requests. I tried to do a drawing for everyone who sent in an envelope. It took me about two years I didn't scan in the last few hundred to speed up the process. That was probably a mistake, because it took me so long I many of the addresses no longer worked and many were returned. We got one sent back to PO Box we no longer use in the summer or 2013.

april 17th 2008
436 to 450
451 to 475
476 to 500

march 5th 2008
291 to 300
301 to 325
326 to 350
351 to 375
376 to 400
401 to 435

july 11th 2007
229 to 250
251 to 291

january 22nd 2007
151 to 175
176 to 200
201 to 228

november 10th 2006
101 to 125
126 to 150

october 19th 2006
76 to 100

october 17th 2006
51 to 75

october 3rd 2006
1 to 25
26 to 50

If you sent in a drawing by mail back in 2006 and your address has changed, please email maildrawings@explodingdog.com with your old address, your new address, and if possible the title you sent in. Use the subject line "address change".
Don't worry about the postage rate change we have been adding postage to compensate.
I am working with the explodingdog intern to get the mail drawings all organized, done and mailed out to everyone who sent one in.